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What is it...I really DO?

I hear it a lot. People see my consultant title and ask the question: "What do you actually do, specifically?"

The answer can be a little convoluted!

Here's a short version: I support A/E/C/RE marketers as a ghost writer and editor. AND I help business development people find leads and predict market sectors.

My niche is being a geek in both areas, and bridging the gap between the technical and marketing worlds. This has been true for 29 years, from the Seattle Commons through Lease Crutcher Lewis and now on my own.

I ghost write content for blogs, proposals, newsletters, websites, and press releases, with an eye for the client's voice and strategy. I also edit others' work so their points are clear and compelling.

Research assignments range from cataloguing every opportunity in a given sector to analysis about where that sector might be heading. I bring a problem-solving mindset, healthy skepticism, and significant online resources.

Additionally, every Tuesday I send a Market Snippets email summarizing Seattle-area A/E/C/RE news and trends, digging beyond what's in the papers—a five-minute read. Subscriptions are $200 per month but free to my active clients.

What does that mean to you? A lot of possibilities.

Let's talk! I'm at 206-552-4477 or

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